Top 5 Most Notorious Cursed Diamonds

«Black Orlov diamond»

Also it is known as «the diamond eye of Brahma.» In India, the black diamond of 195 carats, according to legend, was decorated with the eye of the statue of the god Brahma about Pondicherry (South India). Perhaps such a biography, as well as the rare black color and would explain all the rumors about the curse, if some of its owners are not settled accounts with life.




The first was Jay Paris, which brought the diamond to the United States in 1923. Some time later he jumped from one of the skyscrapers of New York. Following the owner — Nadezhda Orlova and Princess Galitsina-Baritanskaya also allegedly committed suicide in 1947.

It is difficult to say how true these stories — archives bypass the mysterious death of a party. According to the documents, the princess-Galitsina Baritanskaya died at the age of 102 years in Switzerland in 1918, and Nadezhda Orlova 90 years in France in 1988

Subsequently, the stone has changed many owners, the most famous of them — Dennis Petimezas jeweler, bought the stone in 2004. He has publicly said he did not feel any effect of the notorious curse, and the diamond has brought him nothing but good luck. However, after only 30 months, he put it up for sale. In 2006, the «Black Eagles» found the mysterious buyer, according to the media said, «from another continent,» whose name and fate unknown public.