most fortified buildings in the world

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Year of appearance: 1202. Height: 123 meters. Slovenia is another awesome castle among the most impregnable in the world — Predjama. It was built on the rock wall at a height of 123 meters, the age of the castle is more than 700 years. The first official mention of the castle dates back to the year 1202, for hundreds of years, the castle belonged to various orders of chivalry, it was performed jousting and medieval banquets.




Despite the difficult location, in the 17th century clever robbers managed to sneak into the castle and make out of it a lot of valuable things. After that, the owner decided to build a castle secret Vipavsky course, for many years a way to sneak into the castle was known only favorites. Unfortunately, the secret could not survive the move to the present day. Modern visitors there is only one way to get into the territory of the castle — go through the upper course, which starts in the mountains and runs through the forest.

For many years, the castle is a regular venue for the interesting historical events, here spend jousting tournaments and banquets. One of the main events dedicated Erazimu Iamskoy — one of the most famous owners of the castle. Visit the castle can be only in the period from May to September, all the excursions spend accompanied by cavers. Upper course is a series of impassable forests and mountain caves, which have chosen the habitat of a colony of bats. It is because of these small inhabitants of the castle is closed to most of the time when bats hibernate with the arrival of cold weather, walk through the caves and they can not be disturbed.