Shocking plastic surgery fails

#15 – Nikki Cox

Now, this doesn’t look too bad compared to the others on the list.
However, if you compare the before and after photos of actress Nikki Cox (best known for her role on “Unhappily Ever After”), you’ll notice a big difference. From looking like a hot supermodel to looking like, well, a mannequin, she definitely chose the wrong doctor to work on her face. This is why getting Botox is a tricky procedure to undergo.




It’s a pass or fail kind of thing.
In her after photo, Nikki seems to be having a hard time smiling for the cameras. That’s a clear sign of Botox, because you have no proper control of your facial muscles (they’re just stiff.) The skin on and around Nikki’s lips seem to be getting taut from the fillers.

With such unkissable lips, lets hope Nikki still gets her happily ever after.