Shocking plastic surgery fails

#6 – Pete Burns

There seems to be a trend with horrible plastic surgeries, and it seems to be the prominence of huge lips.
Pete Burns (from the band “Dead or Alive”) sure did follow that trend. There are far better doctors out there that can give these people a natural-looking perma-pout.




Pete has admitted that he knows that his face might fall off, but that won’t stop him from getting more plastic surgery done.

Well, if that won’t stop him, what will? Pete’s had a botched lip implant that left him suicidal and he’s still a fan of going under the knife—take note, he denied being “addicted”, but is definitely a fan. Well, then…
For better cheekbones, anyone can easily learn the art of contouring on YouTube. No need to risk too much fillers getting injected into your face by an incompetent doctor.