Shocking plastic surgery fails

#5 – Michaela Romanini

Botox and lip injections are both considered to be “lunch time procedures”, as they’re something you can get done in 30 minutes.




Botox is essentially a toxin that paralyzes your face. Botox get rids of wrinkles, but don’t you think it’s a bit counter productive to get Botox then get a tan? You’re just making things worse for yourself if you get your face paralyzed to get rid of wrinkles, then immediately expose your face to the sun (which gives you wrinkles.) That’s a recipe for disaster, just ask Italian socialite Michaela Romanini.

Michaela has said that she developed an addiction to lip collagen injections at a young age and still continues to get them today. From being one of the most beautiful European socialites, Michaela looks drastically different now, and is practically unrecognizable.