Shocking plastic surgery fails

#4 – Unknown Name

We have yet another example of disastrous work done on someone’s lips.
It’s the center of a person’s face, so it’s usually the first thing that gets noticed. But if your lips take up half of the space on your face, then something must have went wrong there. It’s either that you have a bad doctor who became too happy while injecting your lips with collagen, or you’re addicted to getting overly pouty lips.




Our lips are sensitive and filled with nerves. During one of my “in case of emergency” surgery researches, I’ve discovered that there are some certain nerves inside our lips that can get damaged and affect the way we eat, speak, and open our mouths. So, tread carefully when you’re planning on getting some work done on your lips.

The bottom part of your face might end up paralyzed, leading to more complications.