Shocking plastic surgery fails

#12 – Unknown Name

If you carefully observe this woman’s photo, you’ll notice that she has bumpy edges around areas of her face where it should be smooth and contoured.
Those are caused by scar tissue from facelifts. Now, if your doctor has done enough facelifts with a 100% success rate, the scar tissue won’t be excessive let alone noticeable. Also, a good doctor provides some very thorough after-care instructions.




So, your plastic surgery isn’t over after you get off the operating table.
Make sure you attend all of the follow-ups with your surgeon, and if he gives any meds or special routines for you to do, do it. Sometimes, a doctor will recommend that you take it easy on the procedures and not get them done back to back to back. If he rushes you to get everything finished, become suspicious.

Your body will need time to heal in between sessions, so if a doctor tells you to get two of them in one day, that’s bad news.