Shocking plastic surgery fails

#10 – Unknown Name

Alright, too many over-filled lips here.
There’s actually a product out there called “lip venom” that you can use to have (temporarily) pouty lips. The only downside of “lip venom” is the mild, tingly sensation after applying it.
Or you can always pull a Kylie Jenner, and use lip liner to draw outside of your lip line to make your lips appear fuller.




It’s such a good method that some were convinced that the young girl had lip injections, but nope. It’s all the rage right now— maybe you should look into this alternative to avoid a disaster. You can easily go on YouTube and Pinterest for tutorials on how to get pouty lips sans over-injecting your pucker with fillers.

Or if you’re really into the “wax lips” look (I’m not judging, to each their own) just make sure that your lips won’t fall off your face the next time you get injections.