Shocking plastic surgery fails

#9 – Kristina Rei

Oh honey, no.
Do you need some ice for that? Oh wait, I thought a thousand bees stung your lips. Turns out it was just lip injections— over 100 of them.




That looks extremely painful. One of my greatest fears is having my lips too stretched out, but it seems like Kristina Rei is one fearless chick. I’ve heard of duck lips for selfies before, but this is ridiculous.
Kristina says she’s not stopping there and plans to have a breast augmentation, a nose job, and also wants to get her ears pointed.

Just— why is Kristina doing this to herself? She is obsessed with looking like her favorite cartoon character “Jessica Rabbit.” Kristina currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for biggest lips. Now, she just has to dye her hair red and put on a red dress— then she will be Jessica Rabbit (if Jessica Rabbit had horrible plastic surgery.)