Top 5 Most Notorious Cursed Diamonds


Nothing is known about the origin of another infamous diamond «Sancy». They say that it got a merchant in the caves of jewels and carrying a gift to the sultan, but in a way he was killed. Then the stone went to «walk» around the world, has not yet fallen into the hands of Charles the Bold in the XV century.




He gave it to a jeweler to cut, which made him pale yellow diamond 55, 23 carats. Two years later the king died, and the stone was missing and was found only in 1570, the year of Nicholas de Sancy — French attorney in Constantinople. Here to whom the diamond reacted favorably — with the help of Nicholas succeeded France’s King Henry location III, which he lent his time. According to legend, a servant who went to deliver the stone king, was killed by robbers, but before it had time to swallow the «Sancy». As you know, Henry III, too, not long sat on the throne.

When was the French Revolution of 1789, «Sancy» was the French treasury, along with other fatal diamond «Hope» and «Regent». His fate is obscure. It is known that he could go into the arms of the Demidov. In the end, it bought American industrialists Astors, who some time later sold it to the Louvre, where he remains today.