11 everyday items that you need to stop using right now

Every day, we use disposable wipes, drink coffee capsule coffee machines and facing a lot of quite ordinary items of domestic use. Thus hardly anyone of us had thought about the dangers of these things for health or the environment. Let’s see what everyday objects better stop using today.



Coffee capsules
Coffee capsules – a source of delicious coffee at home in a relatively small amount of money and in the absence of mud. Not surprisingly, the capsule-type coffee machines have become so popular: according to the National Coffee Association of the USA, they have 29% of US households. But in the rest of the capsules have to pay much more expensive, since plastic and aluminum capsules are difficult to recycle. Every year billions of spent coffee capsules finish its way to the dump. Former CEO of Nespresso Jean-Paul Gaillard said that they contribute to environmental catastrophe, although the company says it has been a matter of environmentally friendly production and processing of capsules. Recently, the German city of Hamburg introduced a ban on the use of coffee capsules in public institutions. It seems that the battle for the coffee capsules are just beginning.



Cosmetic plastic microbeads
Many manufacturers of toothpaste added to their products Plastic microgranules. This is one of the largest sources of plastic, which falls annually in the oceans in quantities reaching 8 million tons. Contact with plastic pellets into the ocean has terrible consequences for wildlife and the marine environment. They are not biodegradable and are too small to be trapped by the filter devices, and as they move they attract toxic chemicals. These microscopic pests are also found in various shower gels and scrubs. It is hoped that it will soon be over. Former US President Barack Obama has banned the use of plastic in the manufacture of the microgranules of cosmetics and household products, and many European countries follow suit.