Top 5 Most Notorious Cursed Diamonds

Diamonds broke more than one hundred lives. But among the many tragic cases of ornamentation, distinguished history of “rock stone”, which changed owners “like a glove” and everywhere left a trail of blood.


Perhaps the most innocent in our list, diamond “Regent” (140.64 carats). It is not known where and when he was found, but according to the most common version, he was discovered in 1701 by an Indian slave in a mine in the region of the mines of Golconda (Central India), which was produced most of the diamonds, which we will discuss today.




His biography of stone started with blood – the servant refused to give it to the owners of the mine protection and deceived by hiding the stone was cut in the thigh and tying it all patch of leaves. At night, he fled but was treacherously killed one sailor, who promised in exchange for the diamond is to bring it out of the country. Arriving at your destination sailor sold the diamond to Sir Thomas Pitt, Governor of the fortress of St. George. The money he spent “in a sailor ‘- fast, and then hanged himself with grief.

Here begins the true story of a diamond. Thomas Pitt gave the jeweler Joseph Kouptu stone, which gives it a modern form. But at that time the governor of a small fortress was dangerous to have such a treasure – hunters jewels would not leave him alone. Therefore, suffer from persecution mania, Thomas sold the stone regent Philip II of France Orleans. During the French Revolution, “The Regent” was stolen along with other ornaments of the Bourbons. Return into the hands of the monarchy fatal diamond could Napoleon, who decorated them hilt of his sword. What happened to the famous commander, and so all we know. After Napoleon, no matter how much the stone or stolen, it is always, in the end, it turned out to be in France. Today it can be seen in the Gallery of the Louvre Appolonova.