10 Habits You Urgently Need To Change

When we imagine a new, healthy life with a clean slate, we see most of the gym, beautiful in shape and a complete rejection of bad habits. All this, of course, is the place to be – but do not forget about the everyday little things that can nullify any good initiative. This is an informative list of 10 things that need to change – unless of course you want to stay healthy.

Old plastic container



Many people buy a set of plastic containers and use them just for years. Meanwhile, like, respect for the dish, to put it mildly, harm to their health. The fact that the polycarbonate contains BPA – it eventually begins to stand out from the container wall into the food. Imagine what happens to your food when you are warming it in the microwave? Doctors are advised to change the containers at least once every couple of months.

Antibacterial soap



Antibacterial soap is no more effective in killing bacteria than normal. But triclosan, the active ingredient in antibacterial cleansers, you may even do harm. Scientists have proven that regular use of antibacterial soaps leads to the fact that the body increases the resistance to antibiotics.