Very beautiful and very dangerous places on the planet

We will tell you by how much people can make an unquenchable thirst for adventure and unique (in the truest sense of the word) pictures. In our photo review – the dangerous depths, scary animals, breathtaking trails and breathtaking views.

Manchac Swamp, Louisiana, USA

In addition to rumors about the servant of the cult of voodoo curse them (which is why, they say, here and missing people), there is a real threat – the swamp teeming with alligators. Attempts to drain the area without success.




Manchac Swamp – a complex of wetlands located in Louisiana, near New Orleans. These marshes in another called “ghosts marshes.” Overcome territory marshes only by boat. There are many facts of disappearances in the area Manchac swamps.

Trees occupy a small area, there are places where they do not, there are swamps, covered with a small amount of grass and covered with windbreak. Water in such places blue-black. On Manchac swamps are found alligators. Marshes Manchac tried to drain and cut down all the trees growing there, but to carry this through the entrepreneurs did not work. The settlements, where the workers lived, engaged in drying the marshes, were razed to the ground swept a strong hurricane, which not only destroyed buildings but also hurt people.