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Monastery of St. George Hozevita, Israel

Year of occurrence: 6th century. In Israel, too, there is the construction, to approach that literally will not be easy — the monastery of St. George Hozevita. This orthodox monastery is considered one of the oldest in the world, he is in the territory of the valley Celt, among expanses of the Judean Desert. The building of the monastery was built on the slope of the cliff closest to the monastery settlement is an ancient city of Jericho, they are separated by about 5 kilometers.




Amazing Monastery of St. George Hozevita was built in the 6th century, from afar its modest buildings resemble swallows’ nests hanging over a high cliff. The monastery is built entirely of stone and is incredibly beautiful, it has remained an old chapel and a variety of religious artifacts. History of the building of the monastery is very interesting, one of the legends, it was built next to a secluded cave, where for three years and six months in hiding prophet Elijah. They built the monastery five Syrian monks, who managed to find the legendary cave.

Later, in 480 from Egypt came to the monastery of St. John Chozeba, which significantly expanded the building and added to its new facilities. Among the priceless religious relics, which today can be seen by visitors of the monastery, relics of St. John Hozevita and John Romanian power. An important relic of the skull are considered monks, martyrs, who lived in the monastery in the early 17th century, and they fell at the hands of the Persian conquerors. Within the walls of the monastery is kept a lot of interesting historical artifacts, so it will be interesting to see everything.