11 everyday items that you need to stop using right now

Remains of hormonal contraceptives
There is growing evidence that hormonal contraceptives have an impact on the population of fish in the ocean. How is this possible? According to studies, some species have lost the ability to reproduce because of the endocrine destructors, which affected the population and the food chain as a whole. Stop using contraception, of course, it is not necessary, however, if you need to throw them away, do not drain them, please, to the sewer.



Packaging materials from polystyrene
Disposable packaging is difficult to imagine without the materials based on polystyrene, but it can not be biodegradable and difficult to recycle. As a result, it is in the dumps, littering the forest and poison small animal species. Several US cities have banned the use of this material. Fortunately, now available various alternatives such packaging.

Disposable razors
Cheap shaving is costly because of the production of steel, which requires a large consumption of coal and plastics, as well as the use of large quantities of water. Only in the United States each year to two billion ejected disposable razors. For the sake of better use modern ecology electric shavers or razors reusable.