5 Secrets of Cleopatra

The main means of eternal youth called Cleopatra facial mask. Their queen of Egypt made daily. Preference she gave a clay mask, which you can easily prepare yourself. For this it is necessary to mix in equal parts of honey, lemon juice and clay until smooth, apply the mixture to the face for twenty minutes, then wash first with warm and then cold water.

Clay Mask perfectly cleanses and whitens the skin. Honey and milk mask attached face of Cleopatra radiant appearance. For its preparation it connected in equal doses of warm milk and honey, and then inflicted a lot of on the skin for half an hour. Modern Estheticians called magic bullet-like mask. It is suitable for all skin types. Twice a month, Cleopatra held a special procedure, which is called “internal washing.”



Queen were mixed in equal amounts of lemon juice, water and olive oil on an empty stomach and drink in small sips. Then about twenty times repeated special exercise: sucked stomach to the spine, detained him in this state for a few seconds, then relax. “Domestic washing” Cleopatra’s true and now she spends a great cleansing of the intestine and liver. Queen regularly took special milk baths.

To prepare the bath-known honey cup dissolved in a liter of hot milk and the mixture was poured into a bath of water temperature which fluctuated around 36 degrees. In a similar procedure Cleopatra allocated no more than 15 minutes. Then the queen, always apply a special scrub. To make it three hundred grams of sea salt to mix a half cup of heavy cream. Scrub cleanses the skin and improves its structure.

For Cleopatra prepared a special cream, which she enjoyed every day. To make the famous cream at home, must be mixed with 40 ml of aloe juice, 40 ml of distilled water, 20 ml infusion of rose petals and a teaspoon of honey, put the mixture in a water bath and add the 100 grams of melted pork fat. The cream should be stored in tightly sealed jars in the refrigerator. The queen was putting a thin layer once a day.