Absolutely all the efforts Improve the hair will be in vain, if you incorrectly Eat

It seems that every woman would like to have long beautiful hair. Long hair look great, they give the woman. To catch long hair is not so difficult, but watching them will be able not every woman. Caring for such hair should not only be extremely careful, and competent. We need to know for sure your type of hair, according to the rules to be able to choose the shampoo to wash your hair, dry them properly, and also systematically engaged in their rehabilitation. In the vast majority of long hair is greasy at the growth zone and dry near the tip. Produced oil nourishes the skin and protects the hair of moisture, but even with very oily scalp of natural fat is usually only enough for five or six centimeters of hair.

Therefore because of this long hair have a need for intensive nutrition – balms, reducing creams and masks for hair strengthening. Caring for long hair should be comprehensive, ie comprise several actions which are tailored to their strengthening and improvement.



It should be used wisely chosen shampoo and conditioner. Do not underestimate the effect of the air conditioner on hair long. to strengthen Hair conditioner is a must. It facilitates hair combing and re-creates the structure. Air Conditioning correctly combined with an appropriate shampoo, in such a case would be the best result from the use of funds. However, all your efforts to strengthen and improve the hair will be in vain, if you eat junk food. Scientists have shown that a very large value for the hair has a daily diet.

The menu should be available dishes with food gelatin – jellies, aspic, mousses, jellies and jelly. It is extremely useful to our hair lactic acid foods, liver, meat of young chicken, lean beef, fish. And, no doubt, herbal products – apples, wheat sprouts, onions, garlic, herbs, especially fresh spinach, carrots, berries, sea buckthorn and beans. Another primary issue – it is water. It must be soft. Hard water, in principle, would be unprofitable hair, and shampoo it is poorly soluble. Wash long hair and so the procedure is difficult, and the use of hard water makes it even harder.