Acne treatment – Laser Technology

Acne can and should be treated as scars and dark spots that remain after the acne can destroy human consciousness and become an obstacle to such otnosheniyah.Chto acne Acne – It is a chronic dermatosis flowing, which is directly connected with the work of the sebaceous glands. Most often they appear on the face and shoulders, the back, in the interscapular region and chest. Especially acne affect the T-zone – forehead, nose and chin, as in these places not only the large number of sebaceous glands, but here they are actively vsego.V what age appear eels Eels begin to appear during puberty – at age 12 – 13 years, maybe even sooner.

Usually this problem is long-term and its culmination it reaches the age of 16, and in 18-19 years the intensity of the rash begins to start falling. Yet often the problem persists up to 25-30 years, and in some cases – dolshe.Pochemu appear acne sebaceous glands regulate the hormones?. Puberty – it is an age when the hormones begin to intensively produced, affecting the secretion of the sebaceous glands. sebaceous glands increase, produce a lot of sebum. All this affects the processes of keratinization and exfoliation of the skin of the upper layer, and as a consequence of – the advanced and clogged pores.



There are the so-called black spots, the skin becomes oily and shiny. Oily skin is a favorable environment for the appearance of the rash, red nodules and pustules. In some cases, the process is exacerbated – there are deep inflammation, nodes, cysts, after which the scars remain. This is a very unattractive consequences that remain for life – unpleasant memories of adolescence.

Sometimes acne can be caused by the use of any – that medications or adverse environmental impact, inappropriate skin care and cosmetics. Women often appear ugri. Lechenie premenstrual acne sypiOchen important early treatment of acne, or they will become inflamed and leave behind unpleasant scars. There are different methods and means – they reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands, prevent clogged pores and clean them. In parallel, it is recommended to use anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory drugs, which kill unwanted bakterii. Esli mild acne, then get rid of acne help the external means – special soaps, lotions, creams and gels, which contain anti-inflammatory and cleansing komponenty. Chasto after heavy acne inflammations are consequences – deep scars. To reduce these scars can use different chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing.