Care for sensitive skin

Today, more and more people are by the dry and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, not everyone can take care of it properly. Beautiful skin is our calling card, so it is necessary for the proper care. What is sensitive skin? The skin is constantly exposed to irritation, and in some point ceases to successfully defend against them. It is manifested: dryness, peeling, redness, and small cracks or even inflammation. This can occur due to temperature changes, wind, pressure, exposure to caustic smoke or air conditioner. Skin sensitization can be caused also by some cosmetics. Most creams consists of more than 200 from various substances including fragrances and preservatives, which can irritate or cause allergies.

The use of such creams is one of the mistakes that led to the fact that most people have become very sensitive skin (easily irritated by external stimuli). The most common mistakes we have already mentioned that, being in a smoky environment, and offices, which is constantly working air conditioner. This is not the best of places where people may reside, because it is one of these environments often disrupts the natural protective lipid layer of the skin, which leads to its dehydration. Moreover, rapid changes in the skin surface, is also not desirable. For example, skin wash, it should not be subjected to sudden changes in temperature, such as a sudden change from hot water to cold.



This behavior is a real shock to the skin. Some people with sensitive skin, the skin can react to irritation in contact with it certain ingredients, such as alcohol, enzymes. In such cases, the skin should be washed with soap or detergent (when bathing should be avoided rough towels, sponges). Many people with sensitive skin are mistaken in belief. They think that if they avoid various negative effects on the skin, it itself will become less sensitive and susceptible to stress, but it is not.

What should be done to the skin became perfectly smooth and moisturized? There are two important points in the care of sensitive skin. Firstly, the need to restore the protective mantle of the skin, which protects it from irritants. Secondly, eliminate chronic skin inflammation. In this case, good help lotions containing lipids, ceramides, essential fatty acids. Definitely not use antioxidants or lotions, which include vitamins C, E, polyphenols and ferulovae acid. You should use only one makeup, in which the composition is clearly stated that it does not contain preservatives, artificial colors. These substances are most irritating to the skin. What and where to look? Choosing the right cream for sensitive skin is not so simple.

Do not often experiment with different brands and lines of cosmetics, and use one particular brand of cosmetics and series. The best course to choose hypoallergenic range of products for body care. Cream of this trend is well absorbed, it softens and tones the skin. It’s hard to believe, but a good range of body creams can be found in any s##-shop the store, these stores have s##, and other products that will help you relax and move stress. In conclusion I would say that the sensitive skin may eventually become a little receptive to external stimuli, but this will only happen with proper care for her.