Classification Fragrance Avon

The company Avon offers you the job of your dreams. Become Representative Avon – is a unique opportunity to build your own business. Classification fragrances AVONKlassifikatsiya perfume fragrances Modern perfumes are complex mixtures of many ingredients. Their structure is often presented in the form of ‘pyramid’. Top notes consist of the light, but bright ingredients, which take precedence over the other, when we struck flavor. Notes of the heart – is truly the center of fragrant compositions usually warmer, ‘heavy’ and persistent than the top notes. Base notes include the ‘fixing’ ingredients that have long kept on the skin and determine the ‘character’ of flavor.

Perfumers create their fragrant composition around a central theme, which is not only a major chord, but also determines which family of fragrances will treat a particular fragrance creation. Determining the strength of the central music is so great that sometimes it is difficult to attribute to the aroma of a ‘classic’ group of flavors, ie rather, they belong to the ‘mixed’ type. To distinguish 4 main families to women’s and men’s fragrances, which are also divided into many subgroups. Men’s fragrances: Incense – the basis are fragrant herbaceous notes such as sage or rosemary.



This family includes a number of sub-groups, including the flavors with a note of ‘wine glass’ and the sea. Citrus – lightness and freshness of citrus notes such as lemon, orange, bergamot, mandarin, spiced woody, spicy and herbaceous chords. Oriental – Connect spice, wood and vanilla notes creates a rich gourmet flavors. Wood – a family of fragrances combines the flavors, which include the central chords woody notes: sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, vetiver and other Women’s fragrances:.

Flower – a large family of fragrances, which are based on a single floral note, or a so-called floral bouquet. Flower-Fruit Fresh floral Intense floral Oriental – combines the warmth and sensuality. Notes of musk and vanilla and woody notes with a slight accent of tropical flowers and spices give rise to the complex flavor.

Chypre – created on the basis of wood, floral notes, notes of oak moss, which can also be complemented by fruity notes. Citrus – these fresh flavors based on citrus oils, known as the perfumers ‘Hesperidia’, with the addition of fruit notes.