Easy Way To Stay Beautiful

Thirty years – blossoming of female appeal. And you want to keep it as long as possible. And it was from that time youth and beauty are vulnerable and susceptible to the negative influence of the environment: the skin is dehydrated quickly, fades, wrinkles appear around the eyes. And now, a bad mood, it seems that it is impossible to prevent the age-related changes … Stop!

We must resist the withering process, ensuring your skin competent care by means of dermatological laboratories Aven Istel against the first signs of aging. This latest generation of funds, as part of which two unique components: retinaldehyde – effective form of vitamin A – corrects first wrinkles, accelerates cell metabolism, improves the complexion. Pretokoferil – powerful antioxidant – neutralizes free radicals and protects the tissue structures from the aggressive external influences. With age, the female body are hormonal changes that zamenty skin after a simple diagnostic procedure. The skin does not cope with daily stress.



Wrinkles become more visible, more often there is a feeling of tightness, the skin looks dull. In view of these physiological characteristics designed line and reducing corrective cosmetics Aven Elyuazh. After 40 years of regular and constant care of the skin help maintain confidence in its continued attractiveness and looks younger than his years. Line ‘elyuazh’ – corrective and restorative cosmetic products for skin care after 40 years. They contain a patented combination retinaldehyde and fragmented hyaluronic acid, reduces the depth of wrinkles and restore facial contours.

Cream and emulsion ‘isteal’ from the first signs of skin aging have a comprehensive anti-aging effects. Means increase the elasticity of the skin, smooth wrinkles and give the skin radiance. Light and gentle texture makes the skin smooth and matte. Blagodyarya new technologies and the development of the pharmaceutical industry, new, more efficient means for omlozheniya skin and maintain it in good condition.