Facial Skin Care in summer

These environmental factors such as wind, cold, UV rays have different effects on the skin. Therefore it is necessary to take into account the time period of the year when choosing a cosmetic product. During the summer, the skin is exposed to the same influence of negative factors. Bright sun and UV rays dry skin. UV radiation activates the production of free radicals in the skin, causing photoaging. The skin must be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays, dehydration, chapping.

Summer beauty products should be on the basis of natural juice (grape, kiwi, strawberries, cranberries) and green tea. The main thing for the summer season – cleansing. The skin is exposed to various contaminants from the environment. Do not give the person on the street in the summer to dry on their own – the evaporation of the skin more dehydrated. Pot can not wipe off the face, it is better to soak the excess tissue and forget in the summer of foundation and powder.



Summer is a good time for hardening and washing in the morning with cold water gradual decrease in temperature. Oily skin useful to wipe a piece of ice. The skin of the lips is necessary to moisturize and protect special lip balm. Choose the best fat lipstick, rich in vitamin E. The eyelids need the same recovery and moisture, as well as facial skin. In addition, once a week is useful to make restoring mask. Do not forget about the protection of the eyes and eyelids from UV rays with sunglasses.

This is a good time of year for natural natural masks of strawberry, strawberries, cucumbers and other fruits and berries, depending on the skin type. Well administered in the diet of fruits and vegetables. During this period, you can do almost any salon treatment: mesotherapy, plastic, introduction boteks, but fotopilingi and bleaching better to postpone the fall. During the summer, the skin should be prepared for the winter period.