Floral Fragrance rule the world

Selection of perfume – a great mystery. After all, each of us fits its own unique, individual smell. It is believed that the right decision in selecting the fragrance applicant made when the smell is not felt himself, mingling with the smell of leather. Every note of your scent should be selected according to the skin characteristics, temperament, and the appointment of a case of using incense. Today you will learn a little more about floral fragrances. No doubt, France has always been a trendsetter in the world of fragrances. However, we should not forget the fact that all known Russian company “Brocard & Co.” under the leadership of founder Henri Brocard has released a floral perfume “Persian lilac”, won in 1889 the Grand Prix at the exhibition in Paris. Perfume conquered virtually all of the unique multi-faceted sound.



There is a rough classification of fragrances for women.

1. Tsvetochny. Floral fragrance. There are several groups of floral perfume. The core group is different sounding solo floral notes (violet, iris, rose, lily of the valley, or the like.) Compared to other, no less fragrant components. Also distinguish warm floral scent, which traced a line of corn besides floral theme, vanilla, tar. Fresh floral fragrance include fruity, citrus notes, notes of bergamot, pear, apple. Floral scents are suitable optimistic woman with light characters. The aldehyde group is more preferable for dreamy natures.

2. Tsvetochno-citrus. A fresh and invigorating. It is characterized by the presence of citrus notes combined with the flower arrangement and wood shade. Suitable for young and energetic, purposeful women. Faberlic offers a mysterious floral scent with a hint of mandarina- Nuits Blanches / Nuits Blanche.

3. A floral-fruity. Fresh and full of flavor with a variety of fruity notes (fruits, watermelon, cantaloupe, raspberries, etc.). Shades of the total fragrance composition may be from bright and invigorating to the languid and warm. From Faberlic for women is the subtlest Brise d’Amour / Breeze Amour /.

4. Tsvetochno-aldehyde. Elegant and romantic. Feels warm floral tones in the refreshing environment of aldehyde chords. Well suited for the second half of the day.

5. Florientalny (oriental floral). Feminine and languid fragrance, which is based on floral, resinous, spicy notes with a dash of musk and woody-amber hues. Florientalnye fragrances are divided into clear (light) and saturated. Velvet fragrance from Faberlic- Rubis / Rubis.

6. Tsvetochno-drevesnyy.Izyskanny fragrance formed as the composition of floral notes and chords of noble wood (sandalwood, patchouli). Suitable for business women at any time of the day. Ramyata / Ramiata from Faberlic. Floral perfumes are always in fashion. They are universal in that every woman, regardless of the color of hair or eyes, temperament and predilections can choose for themselves a unique flavor, emphasizing only her personality. It impresses with beautiful ladies, and inspires inventive perfumers.