From what our skin is aging and how to prevent it?

How difficult woman to realize that she is aging. In his youth, it seems that sad time of old age never comes, in his youth, that there is still a lot of time, and maturity comes the understanding that wilting is not far off, and it touches everyone. Yes and no shiny skin does not forget about the inexorable passage of time. The process of aging starts with 25 years and shows the first appearance of facial wrinkles. Strong facial expressions can lead to the appearance of fine lines, even in children. However, the elimination of excessive mobility of facial muscles, wrinkles smoothed, and the skin will be smooth. Another thing – the age-related changes. The same facial wrinkles over time become deeper, clearly visible.

Unfortunately, this is an irreversible process – sooner or later, every woman ages. Delayed for quite a long time this time will help your daily facial skin care and other mandatory procedures. The fact that it is necessary to use cosmetics, moisturizing and nourishing creams every modern woman knows, perhaps, from the very young age. Masks, lotions, scrubs, creams, emulsions – a huge number of cosmetic surrounds a woman since childhood. It would seem that – take it and enjoy it, smeared with creams or older.



But where then is taken so many women who are already 35-40 years old look at, least 10 years older? Much depends on the quality of cosmetics. Firms and companies that produce a lot of cosmetics, but not all of them produce the present, high-quality and effective means. Preference should be given to the known and established companies positively. In addition, you should remember one rule that works 100% – good cosmetics can not be cheap. Another reason – the banal laziness.

Yes, oddly enough, but many women are too lazy to give yourself and your appearance a few minutes. The reason most often becomes extreme fatigue, peculiar to our hard-working women. Household chores, work, a huge load of problems and responsibilities – all these women so exhausting that the forces have no choice. But self-care requires enormous and painstaking efforts. Being young and beautiful – it’s a real and hard work. How to learn to care for themselves, to do the right makeup, a 100% use modern cosmetics and folk remedies personal care, can be found on the website