How do you wash your hair? You think about it?

Do you love to use shampoos with natural ingredients. Your hair – a living organism, and to care for them should also be careful, as a good gardener takes care of his garden. The smaller the “chemistry” – the better. It is important to know that the most useful ingredients – these are the fruits of organic farming. This means that the farmer sprays his fields and trees with toxic chemicals. And no manufacturer in Europe has no right to call their products organic, until it passes the strictest test state. Shampoos – based on natural ingridientovsposobny give your hair a healthy, youthful appearance.

Why after washing a luxurious head of hair, bought in the store good shampoo bald man, and after rubbing the scalp “a reliable means of dandruff” already can never get rid of this scourge? How to avoid danger when buying hygiene products? After watching the film, you become a member of fascinating experiments.



Visit the Panzer Division, which returned to the teachings of the soldiers will wash the dirt their armored vehicles are widely advertised, smelling flowers shampoos. According to tankers, no matter what other shampoos that contain sodium sulfate, are not suitable. In the eyes of the participants another experiment roses will die from burns from the alleged moisturizing the skin the gel.

But the rats, which cosmetologists also experience the popular detergents survive. Why? – About it you too will learn from the film. Our experts explain: whether or not to trust advertising, which encourages us to wash your hair with shampoo every morning, shower gel use in the morning and in the evening and 8 times a day to wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Also, learn to read clever text labels on bottles with cosmetics. A former engineer of one of the perfume factories explain how unscrupulous manufacturers can “put” man on the detergent as a drug. Shampoos, gels and soaps – without them not to manage a modern man. Our film will teach how to choose the “right” makeup.