Opponents Fat

Six fat rivals Take a look at these products: they improve your figure and also will add healthy fats in our body perform many different functions: enhance absorption vitaminov. sposobstvuyut vyrobotki hormones, supports the nervous sistemy. Ot their number depends on the skin and hair beauty.

They, these same fats are the fuel for the body of special cells, which as generators continuously provide us with energy and maintain body temperature. But on the other hand, some types of fat entering the body with food, it can clog * * bad cholesterol . Now I will introduce you the delicious foods, fat burners, that if eaten will not stay more than kilocalories organizme.

Tiamin – this vitamin helps the body to quickly dispose zhiry. Etim vitamin rich in cereals, wholemeal pomola. moloko, potatoes (only boiled or baked in their skins), eggs, pechenka. Pri thiamine deficiency is deteriorating appetite, there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract and increased utomlyaemost.




Kaltsy – Already proven calcium accelerates combustion zhirov. Vklyuchay menu products- milk is the most natural source of calcium. And remember !!!! Lack of calcium, on the other hand, stimulates the accumulation zhira. Kapsatsin – this substance, gives hot peppers acuity, promotes faster metabolism in the body and prodolhaetsya even within 3 hours after you eat peppers chili. Hrom – This mineral is essential for the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and zhirov. Hrom allows to reduce fat stores, while the muscle mass remains neizmennoy.

Otlichnye sources of chromium – brewer’s yeast, liver, zelen. Kofein – stimulate excessive secretion of gastric juice, which accelerates the process of burning calories.

Chuck morning coffee or green tea – good exchange veschestv. Naturalny caffeine promotes the release of fatty acids from fat depots organizma. Vitamin C – participates in almost all the processes occurring in our body, as well stimulates digestion, removes excess * * bad cholesterol, fights infektsiyami. Zapasy with ascorbic acid in the body need to constantly popolnyat.