Organs and systems, and on the whole human body suffers with insufficient intake of vitamins

Vitamins can not be a constant elixir of youth for our skin, but they can significantly extend the youth of the skin and its attractive appearance. In fact, they are involved in absolutely all important for skin processes. Each vitamin plays a role. The cells of the epidermis and dermis require vitamins A and E. Both substances stimulate the production of elastin and collagen fibers, slowing down the process of tissue wilting.

In addition, they are one of the most powerful antioxidants and protect the skin from the harmful effects of environmental environment. A retinol, moreover, prevents the accumulation of toxins and helps cells to save moisture. Cosmetic products for body care, vitamins that contain data, have the potential to significantly improve the skin condition of the woman, have anti-aging capabilities.

But the rest of the vitamins are not less important. Thus, B2 and PP cells were fed with oxygen, ascorbic acid strengthens blood vessels, reduce inflammation biotin.



Cosmetic products that store data in the formula vitamins, food is excellent for the skin. Of course, the skin becomes extremely blooming when the body receives a sufficient number of elements, not only via fortified cosmetic preparations and pharmaceutical substances, and more balanced nutrition. Dominance in the daily diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other sources, can provide the body with the required vitamins. Although one more thing should be noted – overreliance on vitamins is as dangerous as the lack of them. And an overdose also worsens the skin condition!

Suppose an overabundance of vitamin A leads to the emergence of age spots, skin keratinization failure and dehydration of tissues, vitamin B1 – provokes herpes, B5 – redness and burning of the skin, B12 – acne, allergic reactions, itching of the skin. Even vitamin C is recognized by all as a panacea, not so harmless – its excess can trigger acne formation. It is therefore not recommended beauticians use simultaneously several cosmetic products with the same or vitamin homepage vitaminized mask used for more than a month. And finally, we should say that we need vitamins as well as other nutritional substances, and to exaggerate their role is not necessary. For the normal functioning of the body need a full range of vitamins. Prolonged use of one or more components does not give the desired effect, provided that there is a lack of other substances.