Permanent Makeup And Its Benefits

In my article you want to familiarize with the procedure of permanent makeup (tattooing, micropigmentation), an experienced craftsman who I am. What, in fact, is permanent makeup? This cosmetic procedure associated with staining of the upper layers of the skin for aesthetic purposes. Running it on the face (permanent makeup eyebrows, eyes and lips) and body (areola tattooing, dermokorrektsiya). Unlike conventional tattooing, permanent make-up technique is more superficial and requires special equipment.

Work is performed by special pigments that have a creamy (as compared to the tattooing) texture and the persistence in the skin from 2 to 4 years. I note that the permanent make-up – it’s not a replacement for make-up. The point I see that woman after permanent makeup will always be in a better position compared to the others. When well executed permanent make-up in others will create an illusion of naturalness.



Natural shades of color to the lips tone, a clear outline of the century and expressive eyes, beautiful shape eyebrows, made in the technique of the hair – that’s the goal. Beautiful drawing eyebrows creates a kind of “architecture” of a person, he can not just emphasize the eyes, but also to change the face so that you will only need minimal makeup (if desired).

Eliminates the frequent need to avoid situations where we may be “without a face” like visiting a bath, swimming pool, sports facilities, beach and so on and so forth … The benefits of permanent makeup (for short) refers and what it can do for women with allergies to cosmetics, it can be used to slightly adjust the shape and color of the lips, eyelids and eyebrows, if there is a desire or need. In fact, a great deal can be achieved by applying various techniques of a permanent tattoo.