Personal hygiene

Return the original purity of its nature – it is still there when you’re hungry and drink when thirsty. Hong Tszychen. Goddess Hygieia bit of history. Hygieia, the goddess of health. That’s how it is presented in Wikipedia: Hygieia I also gig or Gigiya (Greek ?????.) – In Greek mythology, the goddess of health, daughter of Asclepius and Epiony or Athens?. His father Asclepius, sage and physician, she is accompanied everywhere, taking care of his snakes. His father was the god of healing, and the daughter was the goddess of health. It depicted a snake feeding of chashi.Odin of medical characte bowl with a snake, a symbol of wisdom and holiness, purity and neprikosnovennosti.Zmeya bites someone who violates this rule.

In honor of the goddess Hygieia and named the science hygiene. Health involves a healthy lifestyle, care about health, which contributes to the continuation of life. Personal hygiene is a set of rules that must be followed. This includes not only personal body hygiene, but also footwear hygiene, clothing, food, sleep, shelter, rest, work, and so on. These rules must be respected by all, regardless of a person is determined by the performance of vozrasta.Kultura hygienic rules.



Health Skin Care is part of personal hygiene Here we look at how we can help your skin to make it look healthy and beautiful. Human skin releases this week from 100 to 300grm.kozhnogo fat. From 3.5 to 7litrov sweat week secrete sweat glands. Very favorable breeding ground for all sorts of pathogenic mikroorganizmov.Neobhodimo carefully take care of the skin preventing reproduction bakteriy.Bolshe all contaminated undergo exposed skin. To maintain the purity of the body shower must be taken twice a day, morning and evening, especially in the evening, because during the day the skin is exposed to various contaminants associated with the influence of climate sredy.Umyvaytes, take a shower, let the skin breathe. Healthy skin makes a person beautiful and attractive. hygiene Currently, there are a wide variety of means for skin care, but never forget the soap.

All of it should be in the first place. Each person must decide which tool is more appropriate vsego.Kozha not the same everywhere, where the dry, where more than fat, respectively, and care should be raznym.No regardless of what you have skin, she really wants to you her moistened and fed. If you find that your skin looks is unfavorable, please consult a specialist. When applying nourishing creams increases the vital activity of cells unnecessarily. The cream contains vitamins, plant extracts, various oils that facilitates prevention of skin from drying, penetration of bacteria. For any skin moisturizer is useful, especially for aging since it supports the water balance in the cells, nourishes the skin with biologically active veschestvami.Obyazatelno should be done peeling skin. Top Tip Because of the lack of sebum is often the skin is covered with red spots and even starts to peel off. In this case, wash once in the evening, preferably soft water, rub lotion, free of alcohol, apply a layer of fat nutritious cream. Instead of cream can be rubbed with olive or almond, walnut oils. To alleviate the harmful effects of wind and temperature fluctuations is necessary to strengthen the skin nutrition. A good effect is a hydrating mask, which you can prepare yourself. The yolk of the egg, mix well with a teaspoon of honey, add a few drops of glycerin can be vegetable oil, is applied for 10-15 minutes, wash off with warm water. Someone close to the skin blood vessels are located, it is not recommended to use a mask. It is better to make a mask: egg white mixed with a fatty cream (preferably homemade cream). In order to prevent cooling of the skin, it is desirable to train her face every day to wash alternately hot and cold water. Pour herbal infusions into a mold or package, and freeze wipe face with ice. Particular care should be take care of facial skin in winter for those who most of the time in the air. At constant skin care she will be grateful to you, will always be smooth, soft and beautiful.