What are the positive and negative aspects eyelash

What are the positive and negative aspects eyelash Eyelash in the usual sense, as a rule, single-piece capacity (Japanese method). It allows a quarter do not even remember about mascara, mascara after use requires spare time, specific skills and special cosmetics for makeup removal. Eyelash extensions one at a time allows you to get the most natural effect, in particular, if you decide to eyelashes natural and pure materials (for example, mink). Soft cilia do not cause discomfort for a considerable time, and a mandatory procedure for their adjustment is not due to the poor quality of the material, and natural physical process – the living, native eyelashes grow and eventually have to fall.

The lifetime of the natural lashes is about one hundred days, as well as the process never stops, we have a loss of natural lashes, and along with them, of course, falls eyelash, which is pasted on it. eyelashes Correction gives us the opportunity to prolong the pleasure perfectly gorgeous view of the order. In the column of the positive aspects, be sure to include and saved in the morning time, which can now spend on slow breakfast and a real chance to think about more than a toilet on the current day. Eyelash extensions makes it possible not to feel unpleasant moments that occur during use of the ink. Many of these benefits have the opportunity to feel, once taking a decision yet eyelashes. You do not have to worry about what the eyelashes just stuck together or with their lumps will hang mascara because the lashes after the treatment capacity is absolutely no need to paint, they are at all times have a thick natural color, and of course, they never appear lumps. If you apply mascara, you will constantly worry concerns that the humid atmosphere ink flow hail, and the summer heat will crumble.



Eyelash extension procedure does not pose a risk to those who use contact lenses, and even beneficial, since ink can affect the irritation of the eyes, which never will be, if you make eyelashes longer. Devoting only about one and a half hours of free time on eyelash extensions, now you’ll save your time on the imposition of makeup. Capacity at home eyelashes quite burdensome, since this procedure uses the familiar environment of your home. Eyelash home gives you the opportunity to not spend time on the road and in addition to pay-per-call beautician, because eyelash beautician at your home will produce roughly the same price that you will need to pay a visit to the salon for eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions did not have any contraindications from the medical point of view, it is extremely rare individual cases allergic to the adhesive composition. During fixing lashes on the eyelid pressure on natural lashes insignificant and therefore there is no reason to worry that the eyelash loss could be a catalyst for nature, living eyelashes. The cycle of loss and replacement of the eyelashes continue, as it should be at the rate which is registered in the DNA. Any woman, including a perfect appearance certainly will find a flaw in their appearance. As a rule, under the “eye” of this dissatisfaction is the eye slit. During eyelash skilled cosmetologist without surgery can ably increase eyelash length, so that the eye looks more round shape outline receive almond-shaped and tapering outward eye will seem much wider.

This procedure does not need any special tools, just unequal length hair at the eyelash with the outer and inner part of the eyelids. As in any job always has the feeling of a place. “Good – bad” The number of “bad” should be written such disadvantages as what eyelashes, if you use contact lenses unable to significantly less time. Eyelash Extensions in this case has no negative impact on the eye, and reduces the time lash socks, because when taking pictures and putting on the lens takes place everyday technical impact on the eyelids and, consequently, to the eyelashes. However, even without the use of contact lenses, offer advice as little as possible to touch the eyelashes, and while washing the eyes should not be rubbing their fists, enough to clean them carefully cleansing milk. If you decide to eyelashes in Kharkov, you need to take into account that the use of fatty creams and especially oils for eyelids and eyelashes nobody advises, as if the eyelids oily skin, then it should be as often as possible degrease using lotion. And the most interesting could be considered disadvantages sensation after removal of the eyelashes procedure. Your already an established appearance suddenly disappear, and the new one will not quite so spectacular looks, is necessarily over and over again will lead you to the salon eyelash or maybe you want to spend all the eyelash extension procedure at home.