When the body has zinc deficiency, immediately discovered a problem with the skin and hair

This element, as zinc can rightly be called an element of beauty. It normalizes fat metabolism, tissue respiration ensures and protects against aging. Without this element will not produce collagen, which gives smoothness and elasticity of our skin.

Zinc normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands, prevents the formation of acne vulgaris. Not for nothing care for teenage skin of the face includes products containing zinc. Besides all this, zinc stimulates cell division and growth, as a prerequisite for the fast-growing tissues, including our skin, nails and hair.

If the scalp is inflamed and persistently itchy, and hair lost luster and beauty of it is probably the cause of your troubles zinc, or rather its deficit. By participating in the synthesis of proteins, and maintaining a stable composition of blood, hair zinc oversees blood circulation, preserving its structure and maintaining a beautiful appearance.



Actually therefore create cosmetic products for hair on the basis of zinc, which have antimicrobial activity, ie saving of dandruff, but also cosmetics, fighting for the preservation and enhancement of your volume of your hair. Shampoo and conditioner for recovery, in the composition of which can be seen zinc, will save your hair from falling out. Although the proportion of zinc in the human body unimaginably insignificant overestimate its value is very difficult.

It is necessary for the healthy functioning of every cell in the body – from the nails to the hair. If for nothing is impossible to overcome dryness and roughness of the skin, try it out and find cosmetic products based on zinc. Nowadays zinc can be found in some creams for problem skin, it is also abundant mud masks, gels for teenage skin, and other means. Besides all this, if you aspire to have a beautiful smooth skin, shiny hair and strong and thorough protection against colds, it is necessary to amend the private daily menu, making it rich in zinc products. For a long time to seek out such foods would be required.

Zinc is found in many foods, but in small quantities. Most of zinc in seafood and meat, and even nuts. Zinc-rich yeast, cereals and beans, cocoa products and beef liver. Zinc in small amounts seen in almost all plants, but the greatest amount of this mineral are wheat bran, mushrooms and oysters.