11 everyday items that you need to stop using right now



Disposable chopsticks
Chinese chopsticks disposable leave Asia without scaffolding. According to Greenpeace, every year nearly 4 million trees sacrificed to produce 57 billion pairs of chopsticks. Furthermore, sticks treated with chemicals capable of causing respiratory disease. Disposable chopsticks — it is also a human rights issue, as sometimes they are produced in forced labor camps, according to human rights organization Amnesty International.



Disposable wipes
Disposable wipes are gaining popularity as a means of personal hygiene and tools for cleaning. Often, they should indicate that they can be flushed down the toilet, but in wet wipes contain plastic, and they do not dissolve as well as paper. When they are washed down the drain, they can cause clogging sewage plants and in large numbers brought to the public beaches on the coast.