Top 10 Breathtaking Natural Wonders Of Canada

2. Niagara Falls, Ontario

The incredibly beautiful Niagara falls located on the border between Ontario province of Canada and New York City in U.S. Niagara falls consist of three waterfalls – the American Falls, the Horseshoe falls and the Bridal Veil falls. The most part of the Horseshoe falls lie on the Canadian side. It is also the largest waterfall of Niagara.




The Bridal Veil Falls is the smallest waterfalls of Niagara. The American Falls and the Bridal Veil falls lie on The U.S side. The three waterfalls combine to produce an average water flow rate of 85,000 ft Cu/s. It is the highest water flow rate than any other waterfalls on Earth. The largest vertical drop at Niagara Falls is 173 feet and it is from the side of the Horseshoe Falls.

The light green/blue color is one of the great features of Niagara Falls. The mixing up of rock flavors with the water at a high rate is the reason behind this coloration. The Niagara Falls doesn’t freeze over even in the extreme winter climate. However ice bridges will form on both top and bottom parts of the falls. During winter season Niagara receives only fewer visitors.